Created with Maya / Arnold.

CSIRO - thin film battery. Created with Maya / Mental Ray.

CSIRO - nucleation and growth of nanostructures (still from animation). Maya / Python / Mental Ray.

CSIRO - carbothermal magnesium production (still from animation). Maya / Mental Ray.

CSIRO - temperature responsive ion-exchange chromatography (still from animation). Maya / Mental Ray.

Kitchen interior. Maya / Mental Ray.

Bedroom. Maya / V-Ray.

Kristina Sara Johnson

I am a musician, software engineer and CG animator located in Melbourne, Australia.

I work as a visualisation specialist in scientifc computing at CSIRO and as a freelance professional harpist. I have some code on GitHub. I am a cofounder of the Computer Graphics on the Web Meetup.

My contact details can be found at the start of my demo reel.